Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Paul Hinman bombs out in Red Deer

From the January 22 edition of the Red Deer Advocate:

In his first appearance as leader of the newly minted Wildrose Alliance of Alberta Party Monday, Paul Hinman was joined by two industry insiders to discuss the need for change and his concerns about the proposed shifts in the oil and gas royalty system.

“The premier and this whole Tory Stale-mach government is out of touch,” Hinman, the MLA for Cardston-Taber-Warner, told a group of 22 people at Red Deer’s North Hill Inn Monday night. “We’re a true, small ‘c’ conservative party.” ...
22 people? What a joke. This meeting was advertised and promoted in the Red Deer Advocate days before it happened. When one takes into account the fact that Alberta Alliance candidates and activists were likely in attendance, basically nobody showed up at all.

Red Deer has a large oil field service sector. The Wildrose Alliance and its predecessors have been babbling non-stop for months about how this sector is going to be devastated by Stelmach's modest royalty tweaks.

Unfortunately for Paul Hinman and the Wildrose Alliance, it would appear the good citizens of Red Deer just aren't buying their propaganda.